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Fonds positionnés sur GEMALTO NV
NomPEA1er Jan5 ansNotation Position
Echiquier Major20.51%217.92M€
Echiquier Major I21.26%0.00%138.1M€
Union Mid Cap C17.84%85.8M€
Ofi Leader ISR I21.29%49.94M€
CNP Assur Europe Neuflize OBC A A/I22.02%46.23M€
Barclays Eq Euro Small & Mid Cap C€ Acc21.61%42.45M€
La Française Inflect Point Actions Eur R23.81%36.28M€
Dorval Convictions P13.69%33.09M€
CCR Opportunity11.39%31.91M€
Dorval Convictions I13.92%27.86M€
La Française Inflect Point Actions Eur I24.12%22.48M€
Delubac Pricing Power I22.06%0.00%NC20.52M€
Oudart Opportunités France P21.04%16.52M€
Delubac Pricing Power P21.65%15.6M€
Mansartis Investissements Acc16.82%14.24M€
Neuflize Actions Euro ISR NC20.83%14.17M€
VP Small Caps France17.54%10.74M€
Dorval Convictions PEA15.04%10.44M€
Alexandre Acc17.42%9.04M€
CCR Valeur R24.28%8.45M€
Neuflize France Patrimoine17.83%8.28M€
Chaussier Croissance16.81%7.38M€
LFR Euro Développement Durable M23.73%7.3M€
Neuflize Actions Euro ISR I20.67%0.00%7.21M€
Barclays Eq Euro Small & Mid Cap B€ Acc22.37%0.00%7.21M€
Heptagon European Focus Equity CE20.83%0.00%NC6.85M€
Neuflize Actions Euro ISR C20.31%0.00%6.71M€
Echiquier Major G20.84%6.39M€
Mansartis Investissements Inc16.95%5.8M€
La Française Inflect Point Actions Eur D24.85%0.00%NC5.78M€
LFR Euro Développement Durable I22.14%4.66M€
Union Mid Cap M18.17%0.00%NC3.89M€
Talence Opportunités22.60%0.00%2.45M€
SICAV Placeuro Arpege15.34%2.32M€
Oudart Opportunités France I21.45%2.01M€
Montaigne Capital Europe Internationale21.71%1.86M€
Idéal Premium0.76%0.00%NC1.76M€
Ofi Leader ISR V21.29%0.00%1.55M€
Heptagon European Focus Eq IE EUR Acc20.73%0.00%NC1.55M€
Turgot Smidcaps France AC15.66%0.00%1.39M€
George V Europe PEA13.98%0.96M€
Rainbow Fund17.11%0.00%NC0.94M€
Performance Avenir19.68%0.81M€
Barclays Eq Euro Small & Mid Cap A€ Acc22.00%0.00%NC0.43M€
CCR Valeur I24.51%0.28M€
LFR Actions Solidaires I21.80%0.25M€
Turgot Smidcaps France BC15.11%0.00%NC0.25M€
Echiquier ISR20.67%0.19M€
Alexandre Inc17.41%0.11M€

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