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Fonds positionnés sur GENERAL ELEC CO
NomPEA1er Jan5 ansNotation Position
Vanguard Global Stock Idx Ins EUR Hgd5.81%85.01%2251.8M€
Vanguard Global Stock Idx Ins EUR8.39%103.45%2065.69M€
BlackRock ISF Dev Wld Idx Sub € Inst Acc8.39%0.00%1290.7M€
SSgA World Index Equity Fund I EUR8.36%104.70%1102.27M€
Vanguard Global Stock Idx Plus EUR8.45%0.00%NC566.88M€
SSgA World Index Equity Fund P Hdg €5.58%81.35%NC468.19M€
Vanguard SRI Global Stock Plus EUR8.35%0.00%NC406.65M€
BlackRock ISF Dev Wld Idx Sub € Inst Inc8.39%0.00%397M€
Vanguard US 500 Stock Index Plus EUR9.98%0.00%NC311.36M€
Vanguard SRI Global Stock Instl EUR8.29%0.00%303.83M€
SSgA US Index Equity Fund I Hedged EUR7.53%0.00%NC253.27M€
Aviva Amérique A/I11.58%112.01%250.33M€
BlackRock GIF North America Eq Index N79.94%0.00%NC247M€
Amundi Fds Index Eq North America IE-C10.23%129.59%220.04M€
Vanguard US 500 Stock Index Ins EUR9.92%133.52%215.53M€
Amundi Fds Index Eq North America ME-C10.20%129.01%208.55M€
BlackRock GIF North America Eq Idx X2 €10.03%0.00%NC206.01M€
Fideuram Equity USA6.76%99.71%189.54M€
Fidelity Global Opportunities A-Acc-EUR5.90%88.24%188.62M€
Amundi Fds Index Eq North America IE-D10.23%129.59%166.46M€
Vanguard Global Stock Idx Inv EUR8.36%102.49%158.09M€
BlackRock GIF World Equity Index N7 EUR8.51%0.00%NC150.38M€
Simbad Actions Monde7.19%84.19%139.89M€
Pioneer Fds North Amer Bas Val A EUR ND10.22%91.75%117.21M€
AA MMF FoM North American Equities A EUR8.39%123.73%96.51M€
BlackRock GIF World Equity Index X2 EUR8.63%0.00%NC89.49M€
AA MMF Profile 6 A6.57%76.87%88.02M€
Amundi Actions USA ISR I9.67%118.76%83.62M€
Vanguard US 500 Stock Index Ins EUR Hdg7.64%113.40%81.78M€
GS US Equity Portfolio EUR Hdg Acc5.74%91.34%NC77.46M€
SSgA US Index Equity Fund I EUR9.78%0.00%73.02M€
BlackRock ISF North America Idx Flx €Acc10.29%0.00%NC70.02M€
ING (L) Invest World I5.65%88.35%69.17M€
Etoile Multi Gestion USA7.04%106.82%59.8M€
KBC Equity High Dividend Acc9.74%111.35%58.24M€
Lyxor Evo Fund World6.36%66.38%NC54.67M€
SG Actions US Sélection8.28%118.85%52.58M€
Parworld Track North America I C10.08%123.39%48.76M€
Amundi Fds Index Eq North America AE-C10.13%127.42%46.45M€
Amundi Fds Eq US Relative Value IHE-C7.69%120.43%45.49M€
R Conviction USA C5.79%84.60%44.71M€
Brongniart Monde C1.82%49.27%42.42M€
Parworld Track North America X10.14%0.00%41.41M€
AA MMF TCW US Equities C EUR9.92%0.00%NC40.87M€
Vanguard US 500 Stock Index Inv EUR9.89%132.61%30.86M€
KBC Equity High Dividend Inc9.72%111.44%30.47M€
Amundi Actions USA ISR P9.37%113.48%30.3M€
Allianz US Equity Fund W (H-EUR)8.43%91.85%26.58M€
OPA Monde6.10%65.21%25.06M€
Russell US Equity R8.14%118.96%25.03M€
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