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Fonds positionnés sur ICADE
NomPEA1er Jan5 ansNotation Position
Parvest Real Estate Sec Europe X19.24%0.00%NC67.31M€
Henderson Horizon Pan Eurp Prpty Eqs A215.76%59.95M€
Allianz Foncier A/I18.83%59.34M€
MS INVF European Property A18.31%55.99M€
Aviva Valeurs Immobilières A/I16.33%44.25M€
Parvest Real Estate Sec Europe I19.10%38.99M€
AXA WF Frm Europe Real Estate A-C EUR18.96%38.62M€
AXA Aedificandi A Inc18.57%32.48M€
MS INVF European Property Z18.45%30.82M€
MS INVF European Property I18.41%28.88M€
AXA Aedificandi I18.72%25.82M€
Oddo Immobilier A19.19%23.54M€
AXA Aedificandi A Acc18.57%22.9M€
Henderson Horizon Pan Eurp Prpty Eqs I215.93%21.2M€
Groupama Europe Actions Immobilier N18.79%0.00%19.87M€
AXA WF Frm Europe Real Estate I-C EUR19.14%19.35M€
Oddo Immobilier B19.36%18.81M€
Aviva France Opportunités15.22%17.94M€
AXA France Small Cap Inc13.41%16.83M€
CM-CIC Pierre Inc18.11%15.56M€
Federal Actions Ethiques P A/I14.63%14.89M€
Immobilier 21 I Acc18.97%13.62M€
AXA WF Frm Europe Real Estate I(H)-C EUR15.37%NC13.53M€
Tiepolo Rendement Acc12.37%13.24M€
Foncier Investissement I18.33%13.17M€
AXA WF Frm Europe Real Estate F-C EUR19.10%12.31M€
Atlas Real Estate EMU19.61%11.01M€
AXA France Small Cap Acc13.41%10.56M€
Parvest Real Estate Sec Europe C D18.91%10.09M€
CM-CIC Pierre Acc18.11%10.01M€
FCM Real Estate Fund I12.85%0.00%9.02M€
MS INVF European Property B18.09%6.87M€
Foncier Investissement Acc18.24%6.36M€
Immobilier 21 I Inc18.97%6.14M€
Henderson Horizon Pan Eurp Prpty Eqs A115.74%5.6M€
MS INVF European Property AX Dist18.28%0.00%NC5.54M€
Groupama Europe Actions Immobilier IC18.87%0.00%5.19M€
Parvest Real Estate Sec Europe C C18.91%5.12M€
AXA WF Frm Europe Real Estate A-D EUR18.96%4.58M€
Oddo Immobilier D19.19%4.1M€
KBL Richelieu Invest-Immo D18.26%3.85M€
KBL Richelieu Invest-Immo C18.26%3.85M€
Foncier Investissement Inc18.24%3.62M€
Federal Actions Ethiques I A/I14.72%3.35M€
Henderson Horizon Pan Eurp Prpty Eqs H216.21%2.8M€
CD Euro Immobilier C19.29%2.65M€
Immobilier 21 A Acc18.82%2.42M€
Sélection Foncier18.80%2.11M€
Palatine Immobilier A/I12.01%1.46M€

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