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Henderson Management SA

Présentation de la société de gestion
Société de gestion : Henderson Management SA
Nombre de fonds gérés : 134
Encours sous gestion : 19236M€
Adresse: 201 Bishopsgate
Lodon EC2M 3AE
Téléphone : +44 (0)20 7818 1818
E-mail :
Site Internet :
Liste des fonds Henderson Management SA :
Nom1er Jan3 ans 5 ansNotationTaille
Henderson Horizon PanEurpPtyEqs I2 EUR-0.63%68.73%104.40%99M€
Henderson Horizon PanEurpPtyEqs H1 EUR-0.87%65.11%96.25%4M€
Henderson Horizon PanEurpPtyEqs H2 EUR-0.84%65.02%96.14%10M€
Henderson Horizon PanEurpPtyEqs A2 EUR-0.99%64.42%95.43%285M€
Henderson Horizon PanEurpPtyEqs A1 EUR-0.99%64.22%95.19%37M€
Henderson Horizon PanEurpPtyEqs X2 EUR-1.23%61.38%89.55%14M€
Henderson Horizon Global Tech H2 EUR-6.58%51.19%87.68%14M€
Henderson Gartmore Global Growth R€ Acc-4.98%49.08%84.69%20M€
Henderson Horizon Global Tech A2 EUR-6.77%48.49%84.33%113M€
Henderson Horizon Euroland H2 EUR Acc-4.64%40.80%80.19%22M€
Henderson Horizon Global Tech X2 EUR-6.99%45.90%79.04%6M€
Henderson Horizon Euroland A2-4.74%39.15%78.08%634M€
Henderson Horizon Euroland X2 EUR Acc-4.98%37.04%74.57%34M€
Henderson Gartmore Pan Euro Sm Cos H Acc-3.34%49.17%72.81%3M€
Henderson Gartmore Pan Eur SmCosRDist-3.65%46.25%69.47%3M€
Henderson Gartmore Pan Eur SmCosRAcc-3.65%46.23%69.41%81M€
Henderson Horizon Pan Eurp Smlr Coms I2-2.35%50.37%66.11%218M€
Henderson Horizon Eurp Gr I2 €-3.07%36.30%66.09%2M€
Henderson Horizon Pan Eurp Smlr Coms I1-2.30%50.08%65.69%20M€
Henderson Gartmore Pan Eur Sm Cos B-3.82%44.30%65.53%9M€
1  2  3  4  5  6Suiv.
Liste des gérants :
Nom 1er JanEntrée en fonctionEncoursNbr Fonds
Darko Kuzmanovic15.02%01-12-20152M€3
Daniel Sullivan15.02%02-07-20142M€3
David Whitten15.02%02-07-20142M€3
Glen Finegan4.98%01-02-201566M€7
Nicholas Cowley4.98%31-01-201666M€7
Chris Bullock4.09%19-11-201311M€3
Stephen Drew3.98%05-11-20141M€2
James Briggs3.51%05-11-20141M€2
Thomas Ross2.22%18-12-20092936M€16
Stephen Thariyan2.21%18-12-20092927M€17
Joanna Murdock0.61%29-03-20122M€4
Kevin Adams0.61%29-03-20122M€4
Phillip Apel0.61%29-03-20122M€4
James McAlevey0.61%29-03-20122M€4
Bill McQuaker0.61%29-03-20122M€4
Colin Fleury0.61%29-03-20122M€4
Luke Newman0.25%31-03-20103306M€4
Benjamin Wallace0.25%31-03-20103306M€4
Tim Gibson0.24%03-01-200563M€9
Guy Barnard-0.77%03-01-2005512M€14
1  2Suiv.

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Top Gérants
Nom1er Jan
Global Van70.42%
Holl Thomas58.69%
Du Plessis Arnaud53.54%
Hambro Evy33.78%
Lance Henrietta30.22%
Markham Olivia24.01%
Ray Lee22.22%
Landau Kerstin21.99%
Finger David21.99%
Iben David19.36%
Gregson Neil18.28%
Nouveaux Fonds
NomDate de création
UBS (Lux) ES Eurp Opp Uncons € P Inc13-05-2016
HSBC GIF GEM Equity Volatility Foc IC13-05-2016
AA MMF Verrazzano Europe Long Short F12-05-2016
Invesco Global Eq Mkt Netrl E EUR Acc11-05-2016
MS INVF Frontier Emerging Mkts Eq ZH EUR11-05-2016
Invesco Global Equity Income C EUR H Acc11-05-2016
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