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Cours en clôture. Cours en clôture Fonds - 05/08
100.44 EUR   +0.68%
Stratégie du fonds géré par LAZARD FUND MANAGERS (IRELAND) LTD
The investment seeks to maximise total return from income and capital growth. In pursuit of its investment objective, the Fund will build and maintain a diversified portfolio consisting of: fixed and/or floating rate Investment Grade, Non-Investment Grade and Unrated bonds and other Fixed Income Securities, which are primarily issued by Emerging Market Companies, by governments, government agencies or supranational bodies of Emerging Market Countries, or denominated in emerging market currencies or collateralised by emerging market debt. The Fund has the flexibility to invest in excess of 30% of its Net Asset Value in sub-Investment Grade Securities; FDI. While the reference items for FDI will primarily relate to debt and credit, currencies and equity securities may also constitute the underlying reference items; units or shares of collective investment schemes; and cash.
Performances du fonds : Lazard Emerg Mrkts Dbt Blnd E Acc EUR H
Performances Historiques Glissantes au 05-08-2020
Début d'année 1 mois 3 mois 6 mois 1 an 3 ans Max
Fonds -2.11% +3.06% +11.84% -2.58% - - +0.44%
Catégorie -0.74% 2.83% 12.45% -1.99% 0.23% 1.8% -
Indice 1.51% 3.55% 12.53% 0% 2.89% 5.44% -
Exposition par type d'actif au 30-06-2020
Long Court Nets
Obligations 101.28% 7.42% 93.86%
Liquidités 6.45% 0.86% 5.59%
Actions 0.96% 0.41% 0.55%
Parts du fonds
Nom1er Jan3 ansNotationTailleFrais
Lazard Emerg Mrkts Dbt Blnd A Acc EUR H-2.36%-1.10%31M EUR0.8%
Lazard Emerg Mrkts Dbt Blnd A Acc USD-6.08%6.99%19M USD0.8%
Lazard Emerg Mrkts Dbt Blnd A Inc USD-5.95%7.23%NC1M USD0.8%
Lazard Emerg Mrkts Dbt Blnd A Acc GBP H-8.64%1.20%NC1M GBP0.8%
Lazard Emerg Mrkts Dbt Blnd A Inc GBP H-8.56%1.34%NC0M GBP0.8%
Lazard Emerg Mrkts Dbt Blnd A Inc GBP-6.05%7.09%NC2M GBP0.8%
Lazard Emerg Mrkts Dbt Blnd X Acc EUR H9.35%0.00%NC62M EUR0%
Lazard Emerg Mrkts Dbt Blnd K Acc EUR-5.83%8.38%1M EUR0.38%
Lazard Emerg Mrkts Dbt Blnd A Acc CHF H-1.51%3.98%NC16M CHF0.8%
Lazard Emerg Mrkts Dbt Blnd K Inc EUR-5.81%8.44%0M EUR0.38%
Autres fonds de la catégorie: Obligations Marchés Emergents Dominante EUR
Nom1er Jan3 ans NotationTaille
GS Emerging Mkt Shr Dur Bd EURH R Acc-3.91%0.00%NC12 M EUR
UniInstitutional EM Bonds Spezial2.15%7.31%NC0 M EUR
Wellington Oppoc Emerg Mkt Dbt S € Dis H-2.08%11.21%NC0 M EUR
Sydinvest EM Bonds B EUR dh0.25%1.92%NC0 M EUR
Raiffeisen-EmergingMarkets-Rent RZ A-0.28%0.00%NC0 M EUR
Amundi Fds EM Blnd Bd A5 EUR C-3.94%0.00%NC0 M EUR
Stratton Street UCITS NFA GlbBF UI QAEUR4.53%14.80%NC0 M EUR
AMUNDI Emerging Markets Bd Fam IH Acc-1.05%0.00%NC0 M EUR
L&G EM Govt Bd (USD) Idx K EUR H Acc0.69%0.00%NC0 M EUR
GS Emerging Markets Debt FAM AH Acc0.08%0.00%NC0 M EUR
Plus de fonds

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Société de gestion Lazard Fund Managers (Ireland) Ltd
Date de création 12-11-2019

Gérant Depuis
Denise Simon 07-01-2013
Arif Joshi 07-01-2013
Adam Borneleit 31-03-2020
Sergio Valderrama 31-03-2020
Felipe Pianetti 31-03-2020
Date de création 12-11-2019
Devise EUR
Structure Juridique Open Ended Investment Company
Catégorie Morningstar Obligations Marchés Emergents Dominante EUR
Benchmark -JPM GBI-EM Global Diversified TR EUR 50%
-JPM EMBI Global Div ex CCC TR Hdg EUR 50%
Actifs nets de la part 0 M EUR au 31-07-2020
Fréquence des VL Quotidienne
Dépositaire et conservateur State Street Custodial Services (Ireland
Commisaire aux comptes PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Ireland)