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Brown Advisory LLC

Présentation de la société de gestion
Société de gestion : Brown Advisory LLC
Nombre de fonds gérés : 33
Encours sous gestion : 203.74M EUR , 63.87M GBP , 1195.34M USD
Liste des fonds (EUR) Brown Advisory LLC :
 NomPEA1er Jan3 ans5 ansNotationTaille
Brown Advisory American € A HdgNON7.17%36.65%22.63%NC0.09M
Brown Advisory American € BNON7.24%28.10%71.77%0.16M
Brown Advisory US Equity Growth €...NON16.84%44.44%61.43%NC69.79M
Brown Advisory US Equity Growth € BNON21.77%60.05%120.93%127.1M
Brown Advisory US Equity Growth €...NON16.58%41.26%55.59%NC5.33M
Brown Advisory US Flexible Eq EURNON17.46%0.00%0.00%NC1.12M
Brown Advisory US Smaller Compani...NON22.53%0.00%0.00%NC0.16M
Plus de fonds
Liste des gérants :
Nom1er JanEntrée en fonction Nbr Fonds
Christopher Berrier23.07%09-11-200714
Kenneth Stuzin20.19%02-11-200913
Maneesh Bajaj16.91%31-10-20177
R. Hutchings Vernon16.91%10-03-20147
Timothy Hathaway18.26%09-05-20085
Richard Bernstein18.26%09-05-20085
J. David Schuster21.55%08-07-20134
Plus de gérants

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Top Gérants (EUR)
Nom1er Jan
Walton Tim1,132.69%
Zhou Sicong47.56%
Zhou Yi39.43%
Xie Zhi Yu36.89%
Sliwerski Trevor36.38%
Lonergan Matthew36.38%
Glazer Bruce33.47%
Brand Giles29.57%
Leslie Alex29.57%
Fulford Robert29.57%
Henderson James29.57%
Roddick Daniel29.57%
Tuorto Greg29.53%
Wilson Joseph27.65%
De Gale William26.74%
Van Oerle Jeroen26.68%
Kim Tony26.47%
De Caumont Corinne26.04%
Clulow Michael26.04%
Ognar Thomas25.66%
Nouveaux Fonds
NomDate de création
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Alteor Rendement Obligataire D15-05-2019
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