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    ABBN   CH0012221716


Temps réel estimé Cboe Europe  -  13:06:26 28/03/2023
29.60 CHF   +0.56%
10:50Une unité d'ABB réalise un projet de gestion d'oléoducs entre l'Inde et le Bangladesh
10:41ABB achève un projet de stabilisation du réseau britannique pour Statkraft
06:31Nouveau record des brevets suisses en 2022
Fonds positionnés sur ABB LTD
NomPositionPEA1er JanNotation
Allianz Europe Equity Value A EUR5.78M EURNON2.00%NC
Allianz Vermögensbildung Europa A EUR5.68M EURNON2.00%
CS (CH) 130/30 Swiss EF DB CHF30.02M CHFNON0.00%
CS (Lux) Robotics Equity B USD66.27M USDNON9.00%
DGC - Swiss Excellence Class A CHF30.02M CHFNON4.00%
DNB Fund Nordic Equities retail A2.91M EURNON-3.00%
Federal Indiciel Suisse I2.34M EURNON0.00%
FFG European Equities Sustainable R Acc1.07M EURNON2.00%
Fisher Invts Instl Glbl Eq HY D USD0.17M USDNON2.00%
Guinness Global Innovators Y EUR ACC22.54M EURNON11.00%
Janus Henderson INTECH EurpCor A2 EUR1.44M EURNON6.00%
JPM Climate Change Solu C (acc) - USD8.58M USDNON3.00%NC
LBPAM ISR Actions Environnement D25.1M EURNON1.00%
LO Funds Swiss Equity CHF NA10.03M CHFNON2.00%
Nordic Equities Strategy30.02M SEKNON3.00%
R-co Dynamic TAP A Cap EUR30.02M EURNON4.00%NC
Robeco QI European Active Equities I EUR0.78M EURNON2.00%
Russell Inv Pan European Equity B0.38M EURNON4.00%
Sillage C0.19M EURNON3.00%
State Street Switzerland Idx Eq S CHF2.83M CHFNON1.00%
1  2Suiv.

ETFs positionnés sur ABB LTDETFs et Trackers avec Trackinsight
ETF PoidsVar. 5joursRatingGéographie
IShares Swiss Dividend (CH) - CHF16.03%1.55%Suisse
Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence...9.64%2.33%-NC
Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence...9.64%2.24%-NC
Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence...9.63%1.79%Monde
First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Smart Grid In...8.72%1.06%Monde
Lyxor DJ Switzerland Titans 30 (DR) - CHF5.81%0.00%Suisse
UBS ETF (CH) MSCI Switzerland IMI Socially ...5.14%0.00%-NC
UBS ETF (CH) - MSCI Switzerland IMI Sociall...5.14%0.77%-NC
UBS ETF ? MSCI Switzerland IMI Socially Res...5.14%0.00%-NC
UBS ETF (CH) ? SLI A-dis - CHF4.73%1.41%Suisse
Xtrackers SLI 1D - CHF4.72%0.00%Suisse
IShares SLI (DE) - CHF4.69%1.73%Suisse
IShares SLI (CH) - CHF4.67%0.62%Suisse
UBS ETF (CH) ? SMI A-dis - CHF4.61%1.46%Suisse
ETFS Battery Tech & Lithium ETF - AUD4.59%4.09%-Monde
IShares SMI (CH) - CHF4.54%1.63%Suisse
L&G Battery Value-Chain - USD4.51%-1.55%Monde
Xtrackers MSCI Europe Industrials ESG Scree...4.44%-0.53%-NC
Xtrackers Switzerland - 1C - CHF4.34%0.00%Suisse
Xtrackers Switzerland - 1D - CHF4.34%0.00%Suisse
IShares Self-Driving EV and Tech ETF - D - USD4.29%2.23%Monde
UBS ETF (CH) ? SPI ESG A-acc - CHF4.2%1.15%-NC
IShares STOXX Europe 600 Industrial Goods &...4.13%0.49%Europe
SPDR MSCI Europe Industrials - EUR3.77%0.10%-NC
IShares MSCI Europe Industrials Sector - EUR3.75%0.19%-NC
IShares MSCI Switzerland Capped ETF - USD3.7%2.73%Suisse
UBS ETF (CH) ? MSCI Switzerland hedged to E...3.55%2.00%Suisse
UBS ETF (CH) ? MSCI Switzerland hedged to U...3.55%1.34%Suisse
UBS ETF (CH) ? MSCI Switzerland A-dis - CHF3.55%1.12%Suisse
UBS ETF ? MSCI Switzerland 20/35 (hedged t...3.53%2.35%Suisse
UBS ETF ? MSCI Switzerland 20/35 (hedged t...3.53%1.59%Suisse
UBS ETF - MSCI Switzerland 20/35 (hedged t...3.53%3.32%-Suisse
UBS ETF - MSCI Switzerland 20/35 (hedged t...3.53%1.05%-Suisse
UBS ETF - MSCI Switzerland 20/35 (hedged t...3.53%3.71%-Suisse
UBS ETF - MSCI Switzerland 20/35 (hedged t...3.53%1.02%-Suisse
UBS ETF ? MSCI Switzerland 20/35 (CHF) A-U...3.53%1.22%Suisse
UBS ETF ? MSCI Switzerland 20/35 (CHF) A-d...3.53%0.78%Suisse
UBS ETF ? MSCI Switzerland 20/35 A-acc - CHF3.53%-1.72%Suisse
UBS ETF ? MSCI Switzerland 20/35 (CHF) A-d...3.53%0.72%Suisse
XACT OMXS30 ESG - SEK3.45%0.13%-NC
Franklin FTSE Switzerland ETF Dist - USD3.37%2.73%Suisse
Innovator Loup Frontier Tech ETF - USD2.85%-0.25%Monde
XACT Nordic High Dividend Low Volatility - SEK2.69%0.13%-NC
HSBC MSCI Europe Islamic ESG - EUR2.66%0.19%-NC
First Trust ISE Global Wind Energy Index Fu...2.56%-0.23%Monde
XACT Sverige - SEK2.4%0.08%Suède
SoFi Smart Energy ETF - USD2.2%0.76%-NC
Global X Internet of Things - USD2.17%0.63%-NC
Global X Internet of Things Thematic ETF - USD2.16%1.49%Monde
IShares OMX Stockholm Capped - SEK2.06%0.64%Suède
IShares MSCI Europe Paris-Aligned Climate ...1.9%2.76%-NC
IShares MSCI Europe Paris-Aligned Climate ...1.9%2.72%-NC
Lyxor MSCI Disruptive Technology ESG Filter...1.88%-0.08%-Monde
Nomura NEXT FUNDS International Equity MSCI...1.82%0.42%-Monde
CI WisdomTree International Quality Dividen...1.81%3.66%Monde
CI WisdomTree International Quality Dividen...1.8%2.24%-Monde
CI WisdomTree International Quality Dividen...1.8%1.56%Monde
Lyxor MSCI Digital Economy ESG Filtered (DR...1.75%0.97%-Monde
Amundi S&P Global Industrials ESG DRߝ...1.74%-0.04%-NC
Amundi S&P Global Industrials ESG DRߝ...1.74%-0.02%-NC
First Trust Switzerland AlphaDEX Fund - USD1.74%2.93%Suisse
UBS (Irl) ETF plc ? MSCI Europe Climate Par...1.72%1.08%-NC
HSBC MSCI Europe Climate Paris Aligned - EUR1.72%2.92%-NC
SPDR� MSCI Europe Climate Paris...1.68%1.85%-NC
Capital Link NextGen Vehicles & Technology ...1.65%-0.14%Monde
HANetf iClima Smart Energy - USD1.65%0.00%-NC
BMO MSCI Europe High Quality Hedged to CAD ...1.58%1.97%Europe
Invesco MSCI Europe ESG Leaders Catholic Pr...1.39%0.70%NC
ROBO Global Robotics & Automation ETF - USD1.33%1.48%Monde
Invesco S&P International Developed Quality...1.31%2.36%Monde
IClima Global Decarbonisation Enablers - USD1.25%0.37%-NC
John Hancock Multifactor Developed Internat...1.21%1.46%Monde
Xtrackers MSCI Europe ESG 1C - Acc - EUR1.2%0.96%Europe
Lyxor MSCI Europe ESG Climate Transition CT...1.19%0.49%-NC
Lyxor MSCI Smart Cities ESG Filtered (DR) ...1.13%-0.20%-Monde
Deka MSCI Europe ex EMU - EUR1.1%1.07%Europe
Deka STOXX Europe 50 - EUR1.05%1.68%Europe
IShares STOXX Europe 50 (DE) - EUR1.05%1.73%Europe
IShares STOXX Europe 50 - EUR1.05%1.84%Europe
VanEck Sustainable European Equal Weight - EUR1.04%1.70%Europe
Amplify Thematic All Stars ETF - USD1.04%0.50%-NC
Lyxor MSCI Europe ESG Leaders (DR) - Month...1.02%0.97%-Europe
Lyxor MSCI Europe ESG Leaders (DR) - Acc - EUR1.02%1.15%Europe
VanEck Morningstar World ex Australia Wide ...1.02%2.49%-NC
SPDR MSCI World Industrials - USD0.99%0.53%-NC
Xtrackers MSCI World Industrials 1C - USD0.98%0.65%Monde
IShares MSCI World Paris-Aligned Climate -...0.97%1.29%-NC
IShares MSCI World Paris-Aligned Climate -...0.97%1.31%-NC
SPDR� MSCI World Climate Paris ...0.97%1.36%-NC
HSBC MSCI World Climate Paris Aligned - USD0.96%1.28%-NC
UBS (Irl) ETF plc ? MSCI World Climate Pari...0.95%1.68%-NC
Invesco MSCI Europe Ex UK ESG Universal Scr...0.9%1.41%-NC
Global X Thematic Growth ETF - USD0.89%0.99%-NC
IShares Edge MSCI Intl Quality Factor ETF - USD0.87%1.84%Monde
IShares Robotics and Artificial Intelligenc...0.85%1.59%Monde
Xtrackers S&P Europe ex UK 1D - EUR0.77%0.00%Europe
Deka MSCI Europe Climate Change ESG - EUR0.74%1.21%-NC
SPDR� MSCI ACWI Climate Paris A...0.72%0.78%-NC
1  2  3Suiv.

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