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Temps Différé Toronto Stock Exchange  -  22:15:15 27/01/2023
157.51 CAD   -0.25%
26/01Deutsche on Rail Stocks
26/01Canadian National Railway Company : Opinion positive de Deutsche Bank Securities
26/01Canadian National Railway Company : Goldman Sachs pas convaincu
NomPositionPEA1er JanNotation
Allianz Global Income W USD0.97M USDNON3.00%NC
BL-Equities Dividend B EUR3.8M EURNON3.00%
BL-Sustainable Horizon B EUR3.8M EURNON3.00%
Brongniart Monde C4.96M EURNON6.00%
CRM Long/Short Opps UCITS G USD0.78M USDNON-1.00%NC
CSIF (Lux) Equity Canada DB CAD6.19M CADNON7.00%
DPAM B EqsWd exJpnErp&USAIdxFCap1.98M EURNON6.00%
DWS Invest SDG Global Equities LD49.46M EURNON4.00%
Eurizon Equity World Smart Vol R Acc15.03M EURNON3.00%
First Sentier Rspnb Lstd Infra E USD Acc2.19M USDNON-1.00%
KBC Eco Fnd Clim Chng Resp Inv Cl Cap0.42M EURNON5.00%
MFS Meridian Global Concntr I1 USD30.33M USDNON4.00%
PATRIZIA Low Carbon Cor InfAEUR9.79M EURNON3.00%
Principal Glbl Sust Lstd Infras I AccUSD0.37M USDNON1.00%NC
Schroder ISF Glb Clmt Chg Eq A Acc USD78.41M USDNON7.00%
Stt Strt Cnd Idx Equity I4.23M CADNON7.00%
Wellington Enduring Assets EUR S Ac23.61M EURNON2.00%NC
WI Global Challenges Idx-Fds I3.8M EURNON4.00%

ETFs positionnés sur CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANYETFs et Trackers avec Trackinsight
ETF PoidsVar. 5joursRatingGéographie
IShares Canadian Growth Index ETF - CAD9.51%0.61%Canada
BMO MSCI Canada Value Index ETF - CAD7.89%2.04%Canada
BMO MSCI Canada ESG Leaders Index ETF - CAD7.84%1.28%-Canada
IShares Jantzi Social Index ETF - CAD7.35%1.80%-Canada
Invesco S&P/TSX 60 ESG Tilt Index ETF ? CAD5.63%1.21%-NC
CI First Asset MSCI Canada Quality Index Cl...5.5%0.00%Canada
CI Morningstar National Bank Quebec Index E...5.42%0.00%Canada
CI WisdomTree Canada Quality Dividend Growt...5.08%0.60%Canada
Invesco S&P/TSX Composite ESG Tilt Index ETF - CAD4.74%0.00%-NC
Franklin FTSE Canada ETF - USD4.72%1.69%Canada
Vanguard FTSE Canada Index ETF - CAD4.58%1.14%-NC
Fidelity Canadian Low Volatility Index ETF - CAD4.39%0.41%NC
RBC Quant Canadian Equity Leaders ETF - CAD4.3%0.00%Canada
IShares S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF - CAD4.28%1.09%Canada
HSBC MSCI CANADA - USD3.98%0.83%Canada
IShares MSCI Canada - USD3.96%2.27%Canada
UBS ETF ? MSCI Canada A-dis - CAD3.93%2.04%Canada
UBS ETF MSCI Canada A-acc - CAD3.93%1.64%Canada
UBS ETF ? MSCI Canada (CAD) A-UKdis - CAD3.93%1.37%Canada
UBS ETF ? MSCI Canada (hedged to USD) A-acc - USD3.93%1.71%Canada
UBS ETF ? MSCI Canada (hedged to GBP) A-acc - GBP3.93%1.19%Canada
UBS ETF ? MSCI Canada (hedged to GBP) A-dis - GBP3.93%1.08%Canada
UBS ETF ? MSCI Canada (hedged to CHF) A-acc - CHF3.77%1.24%Canada
UBS ETF ? MSCI Canada (hedged to EUR) A-acc - EUR3.77%1.80%Canada
Vanguard FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETF - CAD3.66%1.16%-Canada
BMO S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF - CAD3.48%1.16%Canada
BMO Equal Weight Industrials Index ETF - CAD3.19%0.00%Canada
Vanguard Global Infrastructure Index ETF - ...3.15%-3.17%-NC
IShares Core S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index...3.14%1.16%Canada
IShares Global Infrastructure - USD2.9%-0.73%Monde
Invesco DWA Developed Markets Momentum ETF - USD2.76%1.97%Monde
IShares Edge MSCI Min Vol Canada Index ETF - CAD2.72%0.21%Canada
Nomura NEXT FUNDS International Equity MSCI...2.5%2.67%-Monde
Vanguard International Dividend Appreciatio...1.99%0.72%-Monde
Invesco FTSE RAFI Canadian Fundamental Inde...1.97%0.96%-Canada
Fidelity Canadian Value Index ETF - CAD1.92%2.34%-NC
Fidelity Canadian Momentum Index ETF - CAD1.84%0.00%-NC
First Trust S-Network E-Commerce ETF - USD1.83%1.17%-NC
Fidelity Canadian High Dividend Index ETF - CAD1.78%0.25%Monde
Fidelity Canadian High Quality Index ETF - CAD1.75%1.12%NC
Invesco S&P International Developed Momentu...1.45%-0.33%Monde
SPDR MSCI World Industrials - USD1.41%1.96%-NC
Xtrackers MSCI World Industrials 1C - USD1.41%2.13%Monde
Invesco S&P International Developed Quality...1.39%1.44%Monde
Invesco International Dividend Achievers? E...1.22%1.41%Monde
VanEck FTSE Global Infrastructure (Hedged) ...1.21%0.10%-Monde
IShares Edge MSCI Intl Quality Factor ETF - USD1.01%0.54%Monde
IShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Canada Index ...0.95%2.15%Canada
Fidelity International High Dividend ETF - USD0.93%0.80%Monde
Flexshares Dev Mkts Ex-Us Qty Low Volatilit...0.86%0.24%-NC
Fidelity International Value Factor ETF - USD0.79%1.05%Monde
Xtrackers MSCI North America High Dividend ...0.73%1.77%Amérique du Nord
IShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocra...0.63%0.19%Canada
Invesco Strategic Developed ex-US ETF - USD0.58%0.79%Monde
First Trust Value Line Dividend ETF - CAD Hedged0.57%-1.30%-Etats Unis
First Trust Value Line Dividend Index Clas...0.54%1.07%-Etats Unis
First Trust Value Line Dividend Index Fund - USD0.54%0.72%Etats Unis
CI First Asset MSCI World Low Risk Weighted...0.54%0.57%Monde
FlexShares Developed Markets High Dividend ...0.49%1.87%-NC
BNY Mellon International Equity ETF - USD0.47%1.01%-NC
VanEck Sustainable World Equal Weight - EUR0.44%2.13%Monde
FlexShares Developed Markets Low Volatility...0.41%-0.63%-NC
Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETF - USD0.39%2.25%Monde
VanEck MSCI World ex Australia Quality ETF - AUD0.39%0.05%-Monde
Timothy Plan International ETF - USD0.37%1.36%-NC
Lyxor MSCI World ESG Leaders Extra (DR) - ...0.34%2.61%-Monde
IShares MSCI ACWI ex U.S. ETF - USD0.33%2.33%Monde
CSIF (IE) MSCI World ESG Leaders Blue - BH - EUR0.33%2.46%-Monde
CSIF (IE) MSCI World ESG Leaders Blue - BH - CHF0.32%3.87%-Monde
CSIF (IE) MSCI World ESG Leaders Blue - B - USD0.32%3.37%-Monde
Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF - USD0.32%0.94%Monde
JPMorgan ETFs (Ireland) ICAV - Global Equit...0.3%1.57%-NC
IShares Core MSCI World All Cap (AUD Hedged...0.3%3.10%-Monde
Lyxor MSCI World ESG Leaders Extra (DR) - ...0.3%2.63%-NC
Lyxor MSCI World ESG Leaders Extra (DR) - ...0.3%2.58%Monde
BMO MSCI World ESG Leaders Index ETF - CAD0.28%0.00%-Monde
Vanguard Total International Stock ETF - USD0.27%1.04%Monde
VictoryShares International Volatility Wtd ...0.26%2.03%Monde
VictoryShares Developed Enhanced Volatility...0.25%0.45%Monde
BNP Paribas Easy MSCI North America ESG Fil...0.22%2.99%-NC
Invesco FTSE RAFI Developed Markets ex-U.S....0.21%1.12%Monde
Vanguard FTSE North America - USD0.2%2.46%Amérique du Nord
Vanguard FTSE North America Accumulating - USD0.2%3.24%-Amérique du Nord
Amundi Index MSCI North America ESG Broad C...0.19%3.41%-NC
Amundi Index MSCI North America ESG Broad C...0.19%2.65%-NC
Vanguard Ethically Conscious International ...0.18%0.56%-NC
Fidelity Global Quality Income UCITS INC-CH...0.18%2.05%-Monde
Fidelity Global Quality Income ACC Hedged - GBP0.18%1.75%-Monde
Fidelity Global Quality Income ACC Hedged - EUR0.18%1.78%-Monde
Fidelity Global Quality Income - Inc - USD0.18%2.04%Monde
SPDR MSCI World StrategicFactors ETF - USD0.17%1.31%Monde
AMUNDI PRIME GLOBAL - - USD0.16%2.34%Monde
Amundi Prime Global DR (C) - USD0.16%2.07%-Monde
AMUNDI INDEX MSCI WORLD - DR (C) - EUR0.16%2.67%-Monde
Xtrackers MSCI World ESG Screened 1D - USD0.15%2.72%-NC
Mackenzie Maximum Diversification All World...0.15%0.56%-Monde
Xtrackers MSCI Kokusai Equity ETF - USD0.15%2.12%-Monde
1  2Suiv.

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Canadian National Railway Company : Graphique analyse technique Canadian National Railway Company | Zonebourse
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Evolution du Compte de Résultat
Recommandation moyenne ACCUMULER
Nombre d'Analystes 33
Dernier Cours de Clôture 157,51 CAD
Objectif de cours Moyen 171,05 CAD
Ecart / Objectif Moyen 8,60%
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