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Temps réel Euronext Paris  -  17:35:02 13/04/2022
33.50 EUR   -.--%
2022Groupe Open a acquis Crm Centric.
2022GROUPE OPEN : Offre publique d'achat
2022GROUPE OPEN : Déclaration Dirigeants-Acquisition
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2022Groupe Open acquired Crm Centric.
2022Groupe Open Reports Earnings Results for the Full Year Ended December 31, 2021
2022Montefiore Investment V managed by Montefiore Investment, SA proposed simplified tender..
20212021 Third Quarter Turnover :
2021Groupe Open Reports Earnings Results for the Half Year Ended June 30, 2021
2021Groupe Open : 2021 first half-year results
2020Groupe Open(ENXTPA:OPN) dropped from CAC All-Tradable Index
2020Groupe Open(ENXTPA:OPN) dropped from CAC Small Index
2020Montefiore Investment V, managed by Montefiore Investment, Frédéric Sebag, Laurent Sado..
2020Groupe Open Enters Into Exclusive Negotiations With Neos-SDI
2020China Shanghai Gold Futures Closing Prices, Volume
2020China Shanghai Rubber Futures Closing Prices, Volume
2020Topps Tiles sees full-year revenue drop on muted commercial demand recovery
2020Height of fashion? Clothes mountains build up as recycling breaks down
2020Cathay Pacific open to employee ideas as it works on restructuring plan
2020Trump and Biden's First Presidential Debate: The Mo..
2020Dollar holds line after Trump, Biden clash in first debate
2020Cathay Pacific open to employee ideas as it works on restructuring plan
2020Groupe Open(ENXTPA:OPN) dropped from S&P Global BMI Index
2020Groupe Open Reports Earnings Results for the Half Year Ended June 30, 2020
2019Groupe Open acquired IZBERG SAS.
2018Groupe Open : 2018 third quarter turnover
2018Groupe Open Announces Turnover Results for the Third Quarter and Nine Months of 2018; P..
20182018 First-half Results Revenue : €165m | +5% Operating profit: €12.1m | +4.3%
2018Groupe Open Announces Earnings Results for the Six Months Ended June 30, 2018; Provides..
2018Groupe Open : Release of the 2017 Registration Document
2018Groupe Open : Q1 Turnover 2018
2018Groupe Open Announces Earnings Results for the Year 2017
2017NSI IT Software & Services SA acquired Groupe Open Belgium Sa from Groupe Open.
2017Strategic Plan 2020
2017Groupe Open acquired Beler Soft.
2017Groupe Open(ENXTPA:OPN) added to S&P Global BMI Index
2017Groupe Open : Results H1 2017
2017Groupe Open Reports Earnings Results for the First Half Ended June 2017; Provides Earni..
2017Groupe Open : Open launches "Store byOpen", its ecommerce platform offering its services o..
2017Groupe Open : Open Group • Availability of the 2016 Registration Document
2017Groupe Open : Open's FastLab® accelerates companies' digital initiatives
2017Groupe Open : Annual results 2016
2017Groupe Open Reports Earnings Results for the Year Ended December 31, 2016; Provides Ear..
2017A Year Of Remarkable Growth : +7.9% with +6.2% being organic growth, and +9.1% in France
2017Groupe Open : Open adapts its governance system to support its strategic goals for 2020
2016Groupe Open : UGAP awards its “Application Project Management Assistance” cont..
2016Turnover Q3 2016 8% Growth, Of Which : Outlook Confirmed
2016Groupe Open completed the acquisition of La Netscouade from Benoît Thieulin.
2016Groupe Open Reports Earnings Results for the First Half of 2016; Provides Earnings Guid..
2016Groupe Open : Open acquires La Netscouade Digital Communication Agency and appoints its fo..
2016Groupe Open agreed to acquire La Netscouade.
2016Groupe Open Recommends Payment of Dividend
2016Groupe Open - Q1 2016 Turnover : €76.4 million, +6.6% with organic growth of +7.7% in Fran..
2016Groupe Open Seeks Acquisition
2016Groupe Open acquired Lateos and MCO Finance.
2016Groupe Open : Annual Results 2015: COI: €17.3 million (+22%) Net incom: €8.8 million (+66%..
2016Groupe Open Reports Earnings Results for the Year Ended December 31, 2015; Provides Ear..
2016Groupe Open : 2015 Turnover: €282.3 million - A year of sustained growth: +6.8% - Q4 2015:..
2015Groupe Open : Open unveils its Digital Offering with a turnover target of €500 million in ..
2015Groupe Open : Q3 2015 Turnover: +5% - Organic growth rate confirmed
2015Groupe Open : Issue of the Half-Yearly Report to 30 June 2015
2015Groupe Open : Performance in H1 2015: Accelerating growth: Turnover: €141.8 million / +7.9..
2015Groupe Open : Annual Results 2014 : CA : 264 M€ (+7%) - COI : 14,2 M€ (+30%) Net Income : ..
2015Groupe Open : Turnover for Q3 2014 : +7,1% - Confirmation of Groupe Open's growth forecast
2015Groupe Open : Results H1 2014 A sharp increase in Current Operating Income (+42%)
2015Groupe Open : Annual Results 2013 : Results for H2 2013 : Turnover €125.4 M (+6%) - COI €7..
2015Groupe Open : Nederland poised to help Aloysius Stichting implement a digital revolution
2015Groupe Open : Open becomes a Platinum Partner of HP Software in France
2015Groupe Open : meets the eligibility criteria for the PEA-PME savings scheme
2015Groupe Open : 1st Quarter turnover for 2014: €67. 1 million, +4,4% Acquisition of Smart Tr..
2015Groupe Open : reveals its 2014 Calendar : Turnover and Results p ublication dates
2015Groupe Open : Confirmation of continued growth Q4: + 5.8% Turnover for 2013: €251 million ..
2015Groupe Open : Performance for the first half of 2014 : - Turnover up by +5.5% (inc. 4% org..
2015Groupe Open : Open revol utionises recruitment, taking the process closer to home with MyJ..
2015Groupe Open : Open doubles net income (Group share) Improvements in all financial ratios P..
2015Groupe Open : Turnover 2012 : 242,2 M€ - Net profit expected to show a significant increas..
2015Groupe Open : Financial Results for H1 2013 Current Operating Income (COI) for H1 2013 dow..
2015Groupe Open : Submission of the Mid-Year Financial Statement for the six months to 30th Ju..
2015Groupe Open : Q3 Turnover 2013 : 58,8 M€ (+5,4%) - Confirmation of Groupe Open's growth fo..
2015Groupe Open : Return to growth : Turnover S1 2013 : : 61,3 M€ / +4,7%
2015Groupe Open : Q1 2013 Turnover : 64,3 M€
2015Groupe Open : Calendar 2015 : Turnover and Results publication dates
2015Groupe Open : joins the EnterNext PEA-PME 150 index
2015Groupe Open : Open unveils a first for digital services in France : A mobile testing platf..
2015Groupe Open : Open launches OpenUp,The only service offering semantic analysis of opinions..
2015Groupe Open : Annual Results 2014: Turnover: €264 M (+7%) - COI: €14.2 M (+30%) - Net Inco..
2015Groupe Open Reports Earnings Results for the Year 2014
2015Groupe Open Proposes Dividend for the Year 2014
2015Groupe Open : 2014 turnover: +7% - The group's sustained annual growth is confirmed Q4 201..
2014Groupe Open Seeks Shareholder approval to launch an Equity Buyback on May 21, 2014.
2014Groupe Open acquired Smart Trade Services from Smart Trade Technologies.
2009Groupe Open : H1 2009 Revenue: €154 million 61% growth (-3% organic)
2009Groupe Open : 1st Quarter 2009 Revenue: €80 Million 70% Growth, 0.8% of that Organic
2009Groupe Open : Treasury Share Cancellation
2009Groupe Open : Annual Revenue: ?227 Million (+24.2% of Which 3.3% Organic)
2008Groupe Open : Success of Groupe OPEN's Public Tender Offer for Sylis
2008Groupe Open : Income Results - First Half 2008
2008Groupe Open : GROUPE OPEN's Revised Offer Cleared By AMF
2008Groupe Open : Raises Its Offer for Sylis to EUR 4.60 Per Share
2008Groupe Open : Groupe OPEN's Tender Offer Cleared by AMF
2008Groupe Open : Files a Draft Prospectus for Sylis
2008Groupe Open : Closing of the Sale of LOGIX
2008Groupe Open : Groupe OPEN: Sale of LOGIX: Authorization of the European Commission
2008Groupe Open : Groupe OPEN Finalizes the Sale of LOGIX
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