Press release                                                                       Ecully, 22nd of February 2021 – 6:00 p.m.

Signature of a partnership with Tsunami Medical

Spineway announces the signature of a partnership with the Italian company Tsunami Medical, pioneer in innovative 3D-printed solutions, for the sale of Twin Peaks interbody cages produced with 3D printers.

Always with the goal in mind of designing state-of-the-art technological solutions to meet the needs of surgeons for the treatment of spinal disorders, Spineway and Tsunami Medical entered into an exclusive agreement that will allow Spineway to market a line of innovative implants made of laser-sintered titanium using 3D printers from 2021. Selective Laser Melting (SLM), a technique developed by Tsunami Medical in 2010, makes it possible to melt titanium into a three-dimensional part with cavity grids. Once implanted between vertebrae, the bone cells can colonize the implant’s cavities, thus favoring bone growth, which is the goal of this surgery.

Stéphane Le Roux, Chairman and CEO of Spineway, said, “We are thrilled with this partnership with Tsunami Medical that will allow us to combine the innovation of Spineway solutions with the advanced technology developed by our partner to market products with high technological value. The market for interbody cages has evolved in the last few years. On the more mature markets, 3D titanium implants are increasingly in demand, in particular for their properties promoting bone regrowth. In addition, we are working on several projects with Tsunami Medical and plan to launch several surgical devices in the short and medium term in order to meet the needs of surgeons in terms of the performance and efficiency of the surgical procedure.”

These implants bear the EC label, which means they can be widely distributed on the markets and attests to the quality of the technology developed by Tsunami Medical.

Stefano Caselli, CEO of Tsunami Medical, said, “I am very pleased with this partnership which should bring value to both partners. Spineway will benefit from the technologies developed by Tsunami Medical teams in terms of 3D laser fusion. Particularly innovative, the new devices marketed by Spineway stand out from existing solutions because their cavity grids participates in the bone growth and fusion sought by surgeons. Moreover, it provides for easy viewing during medical imaging.”

This business partnership with Tsunami Medical reflects Spineway’s desire to increase its sales throughout the world thanks to the high added value of its technologies.

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